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Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Hair loss is the condition in which an excessive amount of hair is lost from your scalp, and the natural hair growth is comparatively slow. Hair loss is more common in men than in women. Most people ignore hair loss by labeling it “natural.” Yes, hair fall is natural, but there is a limit to the amount of hair that falls off daily. If you find your hair fall is abnormal excess, consulting your dermatologist will be wise. Dr. Manisha Saney has excellent expertise in hair fall treatments, and she will be a perfect doctor to solve your hair loss problems.

What are the causes of hair loss?

Hair loss is primarily caused by factors like:

  • Heredity is the primary cause of baldness, and it is inevitable.
  • Stress: Hair loss is also caused by emotional stress and trauma.
  • Hormonal changes: Pregnancy, menopause, and other medical conditions may lead to hormonal changes causing hair loss.
  • Hairstyles: Sometimes, different damaging hairstyles can also lead to hair loss. Tight ponytails and braids are very toxic to the hair.
  • Vitamin deficiency, unhealthy diets, and scalp conditions are also the causative factors of hair loss.
  • Hair loss also occurs as an after effect of the thyroid and its medications.
  • Radiation therapy: Excessive radiation exposure can also cause hair loss.
  • Aging: People also tend to lose an enormous amount of hair due to aging.

What are the signs of hair loss?

The symptoms of hair loss include:

  • Excessive hair falls daily
  • Hair on your pillow, bed, shower, sink, etc.
  • Breakage of hair
  • Visible scalp through the hair
  • Visible scalp patches or bald spots
  • Thinner hair strands
  • Full body hair loss

When should you see a doctor?

If you feel that you are losing an abnormal amount of hair, consult your dermatologist immediately. If you feel like your hairline is receding, consult the doctor to start treatment to avoid a permanent condition. Patch hair loss and balding always call for the advice of a specialist.

What are the diagnostic methods for hair loss?

A visual scalp examination can identify hair loss. But hair loss is of different categories, so a detailed study is required to determine the type of hair loss you are suffering from and its cause. So, to identify the hair loss type, your doctor might perform some blood tests (to find out any vitamin deficiencies) or biopsies. The doctor will also inquire about your medical history to determine if the hair fall is linked with any medical conditions or medications.

What are the treatment techniques for hair loss?

Once the type and cause of your hair loss are identified, the doctor will start with the treatment procedures. The treatment options for hair fall include:

  • Supplements: If the hair fall results from nutritional deficiencies, the doctor might prescribe you some nutritional supplements to take daily.
  • If required, the doctor might also prescribe you medicines to reduce the hair fall.
  • If the condition is too severe to be cured by medications and other supplements, the doctor might suggest you have hair transplant surgery.
  • If not interested in surgery, protein-rich plasma injections are also an option. These injections will enhance hair growth.
  • PRP therapy can also be a effective treatment for hairloss.

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