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Best Vitiligo Treatment in Mumbai


Vitiligo is a skin condition or disorder in which patches or random areas of skin undergo severe discoloration. It is caused by the death of melanin cells responsible for the skin's pigment. It is seen in people of all skin colors and complexions but is more prevalent in 10 to 30-year aged people. It is more evident in people with dark complexions due to the contrast in the color. 1% of the global population currently has Vitiligo. Dr. Manisha Saney is an experienced and esteemed dermatologist with excellent expertise in vitiligo treatments.

What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a skin disorder in which the skin loses its pigment or color in patches. The pigmentation usually starts from the face, hands, forearm, and feet. Once it starts, Vitiligo gradually spreads to other areas of the skin. Along with the skin, the hair on the affected area might also lose its color and turn white. Melanin is the chemical that is accountable for your skin and hair color. In Vitiligo, the melanin is destroyed by various factors. Vitiligo occurs initially as small white patches and eventually reaches all over the body within months.

What are the causes of Vitiligo?

The death of melanin cells is the reason for the pigmentation of the skin. Melanin cells are destroyed due to many reasons like:

  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Family history
  • Neurogenic factors
  • Self-destruction

What are the types of Vitiligo?

Vitiligo can be of different types according to the sites it effect:

  • Generalized: Pigmentation occurs in random places.
  • Segmental: Any one side of the body is affected.
  • Mucosal: Mucous membrane is affected.
  • Focal: Effects small areas and do not spread.
  • Trichome: The affected area has a white-colored center and a lighter-colored surrounding area.
  • Universal: 80% of the skin is affected.

What are the symptoms of Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is mainly identified by the irregular white patches on the skin. The pigmentation of hair is also a typical symptom of Vitiligo.

Why should you consult a dermatologist for Vitiligo?

The pigmentation of the skin will make the affected area more sensitive to sunlight. In turn, the sensitivity to sunlight will lead to sunburn when exposed to sunlight. If it affects the eye or retina, Vitiligo sometimes leads to disturbances in the vision. People with Vitiligo might also be anxious or worried about how they look. So, it is important to consult your dermatologist if Vitiligo causes any discomfort.

What are the treatment options for Vitiligo?

The white patches on the skin usually confirm Vitiligo. Once the doctor confirms it as Vitiligo, the doctor will start the treatment procedures. The affected area can be cured using different treatments, but the spreading or recurrence of the pigmentation can not be stopped. Either the color of the affected area can be restored, or the remaining normal area can be depigmented. Treatments like camouflage therapy, re-pigmentation therapy, light therapy are commonly suggested. Surgery is also an option if the doctor recommends it. Considering her experience in Vitiligo treatments, Dr. Dr. Manisha Saney , Vitiligo Specialist Doctor in Mumbai will be a fantastic choice for your problem.

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