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Dermaroller Therapy For Hair

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Dermaroller Therapy For Hair


Are you searching for something non-chemical and non-surgical solution for your hair loss? The answer you are looking for is dermaroller therapy. Dermaroller therapy is a hair restoration treatment using a device known as dermaroller. The treatment will boost the regeneration of hair follicles and lead to the thickening of the hair. Dr. Manisha Saney is a renowned dermatologist who can help you with your hair problems by dermaroller therapy.

What is dermaroller therapy?

Dermaroller therapy is a skincare treatment that uses fine needles to puncture the holes on the skin. The penetration of holes with needles will open the pores on your skin and allow the skincare products to reach your underlying skin layer. So, it helps to get a more successful result while using different skincare products. The puncturing of skin pores acts like mini-injuries to kick start the skin's healing process, allowing new skin cells, collagen, and elastin production.

What is dermaroller therapy for hair?

Dermaroller therapy was first introduced for skin rejuvenation. But later, it proved to be effective for hair growth also. Dermaroller therapy for hair is a non-surgical hair restoration treatment. The treatment is more effective against a particular type of hair loss known as alopecia areata. It enhances hair growth by working on the hair follicles on the scalp.

What is dermaroller?

Dermaroller is a device with a fine and minute needle at its one end with rollers on it. It looks like a mini paintbrush with needles. It will be rolled gently on your scalp.

Why should you get dermaroller therapy for hair?

The causes of hair loss can be different for different people. Common causes of hair loss can be heredity, stress, hormonal changes, hair abuse, etc. Dermaroller therapy is mainly used for hair thinning and hair loss. If you have a severe hair thinning or patchy hair loss condition, dermaroller therapy will be a lifesaver.

How does dermaroller therapy work?

Growth factors are the proteins present which helps in the proper growth of hair. Dermaroller therapy will enhance the release of several hair growth-promoting factors, like collagen, thus boosting hair growth. The use of dermaroller will also help enhance the stem cell productions in the hair follicles, leading to hair growth. It also helps with hair growth by increasing the blood flow in the scalp.

Dermaroller therapy for hair is like the one done for skin. Because it creates a tiny wound in the scalp, which enhances the absorption of hair care products, hair loss will be reduced due to the absorption of nutrients and other elements from the products.

What is to be expected during a dermaroller therapy?

Your hair will be washed and brushed before the treatment. Dr. Saney will part your hair into sections to ensure the treatment covers the complete area of the scalp. She will run the dermaroller in every direction through your scalp. The treatment is completely painless and will be over in 30-45 minutes. Dermaroller therapy will reduce hair loss and enhance hair growth within usually 8-10 weeks after the treatment.

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