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Tags and Moles

Tags and Moles

Tags and Moles

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Do you have a mole or skin tag that hurts or irritates? Then you might understand the importance of removing them. Moles or skin tags are usually left untreated because of their harmless nature, but they might be a reason for irritation in some people, and they might rub with jewelry or dresses. In such scenarios, removing them will be in the person's best interest. Dr. Manisha Saney is a well-known doctor for mole or skin tag removing treatments.

What is a mole?

A pigmented or colored cell growth on your skin is a mole. It can appear alone or in clusters in part of you body. Some moles are harmless, whereas some might hurt. Moles usually appear in the first twenty years of a person's life.

What is a skin tag?

A small smooth piece sticking out from the skin by a skin stalk is known as a skin tag . The moles and skin tags are usually harmless and do not have to be removed unless it proves cancerous. Skin tags are typically seen in the armpits, neck, groin, or breasts.

Why is it essential to consult a dermatologist to remove a mole or skin tag?

Usually, moles and skin tags are harmless and painless. But in some cases, it might be irritating and discomforting when something rubs on it. It can also be the starting of skin malignancy or other cancerous growths. The discoloration of pigment or excess skin growth might be the symptom of cancerous growth in the body. So, it is vital to get expert advice from a dermatologist about your mole and skin tags.

Removing a cancerous mole at home will lead to the spread of cancer. So, it is crucial to consult a dermatologist to confirm that your mole is non-cancerous. If cancerous, your doctor will suggest you remove it at the earliest. Removing a skin mole or skin tag might lead to infection, scarring, or bleeding. So, it is always required to consult a dermatologist to remove your mole or skin tag. Dr. Saney has expertise in mole and tag removing treatments. Considering her experience, she will be a perfect choice for your problem.

Treatment for Skin Tags and Moles

At first, Dr.Saney will do a complete examination of your mole or skin tag. The moles or skin tags are removed in the following ways:

  • Cutting: The doctor will snip off the skin tags with a scalpel or surgical scissors. If possible, the skin tags are shaved off from the skin.
  • Freezing: The doctor will use liquid nitrogen to freeze your mole or skin tag. Once sprayed, the liquid-nitrogen might leave a blister which will heal within a short period of time. It usually takes 10-14 days after the treatment for the skin tag to fall off.
  • Burning:Moles and skin tags can be burned if needed. The moles and skin tags are burned off by a wire heated by electricity. Moles might take more than one treatment.
  • Laser treatment: Non-malignant moles can be removed using laser beams

Despite your doctor's method, the area of the skin to be treated will be numbed using anesthesia. If there is any bleeding after the treatment, the doctor will give you medicines to stop the bleeding.

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