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Scar Reduction

Scar Reduction

scar reduction treatment in mumbai

Scars must have been a real headache if you are a person who ideals spotless and healthy skin. If you are worried about your scars, scar reduction treatment will be an absolute miracle worker for you. Scar reduction is the technique that incorporates treatments to reduce the effect of scars and wounds on your body. The common scar reduction treatments are dermabrasion, laser, chemical peel, etc. Dr.Manisha Saney is an experienced and successful dermatologist who will help you with your endless scar problems.

What is a scar?

Whenever you get an injury, burn, or other cuts, your body heals itself. But the skin growing over the wound might be of a different color, or the healing spot might appear different from other parts of the skin and is called a scar. Most of the scar fades away after a period, but some remains. Scars might vary in size, shape, and colors. Some scars might be painful too. If the scars are painful and fade over a period, it calls for a session with a dermatologist.

Most scars first appear in light or pinkish color and eventually changes into a darker one. The color or time duration of a scar depends on the depth of the injury, burn, or acne you are having. The cut's location and severity also affect a scar's appearance.

Know the type of your scar

The scars vary with their shape, size, and other factors. Some of the common types of scars are:

  • Keloids: This type of scar occurs slightly higher than your skin surface and has a chance of spreading.
  • Flats: This type of scar initially occurs above your skin surface, but once it starts healing flattens out.
  • Contracture:This type of scar is a result of skin burns. It tightens the skin and makes the movement of the burnt area difficult.
  • Atrophic: Acne or chickenpox are the leading causes of such scars. It appears like small pits and is usually being seen on the face.
  • Hypertrophic: This type of scar can be identified when we run our fingers over them. They get smaller with time and don't spread beyond the damaged area.
  • Stretch marks: You might have seen white marks irregular patterns on your thighs, arms, stomach, breast, etc., especially after gaining or losing weight. Such scars are called stretch marks and result from sudden shrinking and expansion of the skin.

How are scars reduced?

The scar reduction treatments usually depend on the scar's size, location, and severity. The common scar reduction treatments are:

  • Dermabrasion: In this treatment, the doctor removes the upper layer and smoothens the skin. It reduces the dark appearance of scars.
  • Skin graft: The doctor transplants healthy skin tissue from another part of your body to the scarred area.
  • Chemical peel:It is a technique that uses specific chemicals to peel the skin. It helps to reduce your scar.
  • Injections: Dr.Shaney might also use corticosteroid injections to reduce the size of the scar.
  • Laser treatments: In laser treatment, the doctor uses laser beams to reduce the effect of the scar.

What are the results of scar reduction?

  • Prevent raised scars
  • Make the scar less noticeable
  • Decrease the after-surgery scars
  • Reduce the pain and itchiness of scar
  • Reduces the hardness and swelling of scar

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